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Our team spans over 3 continents and 13 time zones, but you would never know it! MCI is truly an international team of professionals, working together for our clients’ success. 

Lisa Hearty, Amazing Executive Assistant
Lisa brings her outstanding organizational skills to our team - she leaves no task to chance and ensures that we always meet the highest standards of quality on all of our client projects.

Margaret Stewart, Financial Guru
Talk about detail oriented! Margaret loves numbers and is meticulous when it comes to balancing the books. Her fine eye for detail means that we are always on budget.

Raymonde Lemire, Business Services and Event Manager
When it comes to planning events, Raymonde is in her element. Whether it is an Insights workshop for our partner entrepreneurs or a city-wide, multi-location event, Raymonde has all the details under control.

Colleen Turner, ASWA Administrator
Building bridges to employment for Aboriginal workers is something that Colleen really cares about. Her skills in a broad range of administrative tasks make her the perfect lead on the Aboriginal Skilled Workers’ Association project.

Carrie Walker-Boyd, E-Learning Course Developer
Carrie is a skilled trainer in the classroom as well as in the on-line world. She’s our in-house expert for developing e-learning courses for our ALLIANCE Learning on-line university.

Stephanie Gerald, E-Learning Tech Support
Technology is great - when it works…and when it doesn’t, Stephanie comes to the rescue and finds the gremlins that run around in our systems from time to time.

JJ Brun, DISC Specialist
JJ is a retired spy who is an expert at decoding human capital. Through his insights into the DISC model of communication, he helps our clients tap into their most valuable assets…their people.

Suzannah Baum, Presentation Skills Coach
Some people are more afraid of public speaking than of dying! When that’s the case, we send in Suzannah to help them overcome their fears and find their voices so that they can share their messages with the world.

Matteo Regattin, Awesome Graphic Designer
Effective visual tools are an important part of any training course. When it comes to designing infographics, flyers and one-sheets, Matteo is a master of combining content and visual ideas that make learning fun and impactful.

Michele Young, Web-Site Wonder
With 5 different and unique websites to maintain, Michele is a busy lady. Whether building in off-the-shelf or custom-builder tools, Michele keeps us looking good on-line.

Alvin Abraham, Training Video Producer Extraordinaire
Alvin is a creative genius who can take content, turn it into a script and then bring it to life through animation. Our on-line courses are some of the best around thanks to his contribution!

Janet Stewart, Founder and President 
Janet grew up with the Labour movement as a part of her family frame of reference. Both of her grandfathers moved their young families from Scotland as a result of a movement to entice immigrants with a background in the skilled trades. One a tool and die maker, the other a master electrician, both quickly prospered and one went on to become the Business Agent for his Local of the United Rubber Workers. 

Janet’s professional career as an organizational effectiveness consultant, facilitator, speaker, coach and author has afforded her an abundance of opportunities to work with unionized organizations and staff in the public and private sectors and in a wide range of job functions and industries.

Always a proponent of creating working conditions that are “good for the people” while at the same time, meet the needs of the employer, Janet has been active as a volunteer in a variety of ways. She participated as part of a consortium of companies that came together under the leadership of Shirley Seward of the Canadian Labour and Business Centre (CLBC) to form the Work and Learning Knowledge Centre as part of the work of the Canadian Council on Learning, and continues to participate in the consortium in its current form under the leadership of the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC). Through her involvement, Janet has contributed to the compilation of such documents as Integrating Equity, Addressing Barriers: Innovative Learning Practices by Unions. 

Janet is a one-stop-shop for solutions. She is well connected to an international team of professional trainers, consultants, facilitators and coaches and when a project requires a Subject Matter Expert in an area of expertise that is not her own, she will not hesitate to engage other members of the Global Speakers’ Federation in order to supply your project with the resource people it needs in order to be successful.

Janet has appeared as a guest speaker at conferences across Canada and has designed and facilitated learning events with as many as 800 attendees. She has a diploma in Adult Education from St. Francis-Xavier University and is an expert in designing and facilitating strategic development activities and events. 

Janet received the prestigious President's Award and the CEO's Award from Bell Canada Enterprises for her contribution to those companies. She is Past-President of the Ottawa Chapter of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and a former National Board Member.

“A spirit of partnership between the employer and the union Members is key to the long-term success of every organization. Joint participation in problem solving is a powerful people-centered business development strategy.”

– Janet Stewart

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