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1995-2001: Bell Canada and the Canadian Telephone Employees' Association (CTEA)

In 1995, the CRTC deregulated the telephone industry and as a result, Bell Canada identified a need to reinvent itself and forge a new path forward. They recognized that the key to their future success would be the engagement of their unionized employees and so partnered with the CTEA to form the "Workplace Reorganization" (WPR) initiative.

WPR Counselor

With Janet Stewart's background, experience and qualifications, she was brought on by the CTEA as a WPR Counsellor and for the next 6 years assisted teams of employees to step up to the challenges of their new competitive marketplace. The company decided to downsize by 10, 000 employees over a 4-year period and each department was tasked with the challenge of reinventing itself. Financial pressures had to be balanced with the needs of customers and employees.

Janet provided interpersonal skills-based training in teamwork, leadership, innovation, meeting effectivbeness, problem solving and group facilitation. She facilitated leadership conferences and worked with groups of CTEA employees and their leaders to form and implement action teams that generated new and improved business practices across the company.

Making a Difference

Janet was invited into departments across the company to help them find ways to do business more effectively and efficiently, while creating the conditions that would provide employees with a fulfilling and self-directed working environment.

Working in partnership with front-line and senior-level managers, Janet facilitated front-line employee, workplace effectiveness teams through a wide variety of business and process improvement initiatives, including:

  • designing and implementing call and order quality systems;
  • creating and facilitating peer-led training sessions;
  • meeting improvement projects;
  • using creativity and innovation techniques to generate new business practices;
  • coaching team leaders; and
  • designing employee recognition and sales incentives programs.

Return on investment (ROI) assessments completed in 1998 revealed over $3 million dollars in annual savings as a result of the improvement initiatives that Janet facilitated.

Over the six-year period, Janet worked with more than 5,000 CTEA-Bell employees and their team leaders ad was formally recognized and awarded the Presidents's Award from Bell as well as the CEO Award from Bell Canada Enterprises, for her contributions.

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