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Unit Executive Committee Leadership Development Initiative - The Canadian Union of Skilled Workers (CUSW)


This multi-phase initiative is still on the go! Phases one, two and three have been completed, and phase four is being rolled out in 2011-12.


In the first phase, Members of the each of CUSW’s Unit Executive Committees (you might call these “Locals” in your Union) participated in one-on-one Take the LEAD coaching calls. These were scheduled during the evenings and weekends to accommodate the work schedules of the Members. The calls were a combination of individual career coaching and skill-gap identification. All of the calls were completely confidential, but the skill-gap trends that were identified were then used to design the next phase of the initiative.


In the second phase, skill-gap feedback collected through the Take the LEAD calls was used to design two-day facilitated Leadership workshops. These were offered to the members of each of the Unit Executive Committees (teams). Each team consisted of a Unit Chair, Unit Vice-Chair, Unit Steward, Unit Health and Safety Representative, Unit Recorder and three Unit Executive Committee Members. The workshop content included topics like: Running Effective Unit Meetings; Designing a Communication Strategy; Resolving Conflicts and Succession Planning.

In the third phase, each Unit Executive Committee was invited to participate in the design of a two-day workshop/meeting. They did so by using webinar technology in the Labour Leadership Team’s On-Line Meeting Centre. Janet Stewart facilitated the process and the sessions that ensued were each a fully customized learning event that was more “working session” than “workshop”. Some of the topics of learning included: Paradigm ShiftsStrategic Planning andLong- and Short-Term Goal Setting.
The fourth phase is now underway and the goal is to move each of the Unit Executive Committee leadership teams to a place of complete self-sufficiency. By the end, each will have the skills necessary to operate as a self-directed work team. This phase will be done completely through the use of technology, rather than face-to-face, using the Labour Leadership Team’s on-line meeting centre. Janet Stewart will be helping each Committee to further develop the strategic plans that they developed earlier this year and implement the 1, 3, 5 and 10-year goals that they identified.
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