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Coaching and mentoring, whether one-on-one or in a team, is an effective way to help develop the skills of the future leaders of your Union.


Through the implementation of a strategic coaching approach we can help your Members to identify and implement their individual career plans as well as uncover and close their personal skill gaps.


Our coaching approach is typically delivered through a combination of telephone, electronic and face-to-face support. As with all of our work, there is no “one size fits all” to what we do – instead we will work with you to engage your Members and design a plan that is a perfect fit for their needs – as individuals and as leaders in your Union.


"One of the characteristics of a true business leader is the commitment to mentor other professionals with the sole objective of supporting and strengthening the success of others. Janet is such a business leader who openly shares her expertise, lessons learned and ideas for success."

- Laura Cohen, Culture Matters
If you would like to chat about your Union's needs, contact Janet - together you can craft a plan for action!

1-877-290-5003 (Toll Free in Canada)
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