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Conference and Convention Keynote

Are you planning a conference or convention for your union's Members? Why not include a dynamic keynote by labour movement specialist, Janet Stewart, on your agenda? Janet's 60-minute, interactive presentation will leave your delegates impressed and inspired by her insights into the challenges facing unions in today's ever-changing, global economy.

From the inter-generational workplace to "right-to-work" legislation, Janet has the bases covered.
"Janet Stewart was amazing at #Teamsters2012. We need more people like her to ensure our movement stays relevant and strong."

                                      -Frederick Reader, Teamsters Canada
If you would like to chat about your Union's conference or convention agenda, contact Janet - together you can craft a message tailor-made for your delegates!

1-877-290-5003 (Toll Free in Canada)

For all other inquiries, contact Janet's Administration team at

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