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Sharing the Workload

Delegating within your Union

Delegating gets to the core of what unions are all about: The more involved union members are, the stronger the union.

Those who are enthusiatic about delegating work at union meetings, and who offer support along the way, are increasing participation, and therefore strengthening their Union.

Some barriers to delegating
Some Members might be concerned that they’re abdicating their responsibility, but there is no shame in asking for assistance. Push aside your pride! Other Members simply have trouble “letting go.” They might think others aren’t up to the task.

Then there are those who “say” they delegate, but then micro-manage every step of the way. When you delegate, you give others a chance to develop their skills and abilities.

Trying to do everything yourself can leave you stressed and unhappy. Delegating allows you to work on things that make the best use of your time and skills.

5 tips to help you
Delegate Work Effectively

1. Delegate responsibility
along with the work

Don’t assign a task and insist that the your colleagues do it your way. Instead, leave lots of room for personal initiative. Let people add unique touches to the task. Good leaders offer responsibility, respect and trust.

2. Express what you want clearly
It’s important to give people a clear vision of what you want. What are the goals of the task? Then ask things like: “Any ideas about how you’ll proceed?” so you can see what might need clarifying.  It also helps start the thinking process.

3. “ Regular checkups”
At the beginning of the process, establish timelines and deadlines. Then schedule meetings for you and fellow Members to go over things and make sure everything’s on track. It’s important you don’t check up every day. You want people to feel you trust them to get the job done.

4. When boring tasks have to be done,
make sure you pitch in!

Show fellow Members you are willing to share the good and the not-so-good. It shows your colleagues respect. It also means you are all working together to reach the Union’s goals. If anyone vents frustrations about a task, show empathy rather than dismissing it. Encourage them to be creative and make suggestions if possible.

5. Share the delegating process
Don’t assume you know everyone’s interests, capabilities and availability. Ask them! ...In fact, get everyone involved in figuring out who should do what, and when. When Members work together to figure it all out, it can reduce duplication of tasks and  help maximize time. It will also enhance co-operation and keep people motivated as they get opportunities to exchange responsibilities.

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