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Using a professional facilitator for key events and meetings allows everyone in your Union to fully participate in the session, rather than having to worry about logistics and group process!


Have you ever been to a meeting that went off schedule – or off topic? It happens all the time and the more important the topics being discussed, the more that is likely to happen. Problems arise when topics are highly subjective or potentially controversial, a Professional Facilitator can bring objectivity and a toolbox of process-focused skills to the table. This can mean the difference between a negative, explosive discussion and one that resolves issues and creates solutions.


Janet Stewart has been facilitating just these types of events and meetings for more than two decades – and not only does she facilitate them, but she will work with your Members to design an approach that is based on solid learning methodology – one that includes the use of a wide variety of facilitation tools that result in positive and productive Member engagement.

"Canada’s eight MPI (Meeting Planners International) chapters organize National Meetings Industry Days (NMID) events each year as a way of highlighting the power and strategic importance of meetings and events. Our ability to profile our industry and deliver a persuasive message to the wider community depends in very large part on the quality and immediacy of the content that we build into NMID. By helping us design and deliver an onsite process that drew much of that content from participants, you helped us to achieve a challenging objective and make NMID a highlight of our program year. We are delighted and grateful that you could be a part of our event."

- Doreen Ashton Wagner, 2006 - 2008 President
Ottawa Chapter of 

If you’d like to chat about an upcoming event or meeting, contact Janet – together you can craft a plan for action!


1-877-290-5003 (Toll Free in Canada)

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