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Leaders Of Change

“Change is a normal, natural and inevitable part of life. You cannot prevent it nor can you avoid it. The issue is not whether or not there will be change - that is pretty much a given. The real question is whether you will choose to be a change victim or a leader of change.”

- Janet Stewart


 Today’s workplaces are subject to a wide variety and constantly expanding set of changes. Some of those include: technological; political; policy and regulation changes, particularly as they relate to climate change; a shift towards green-practices; education; finance and commerce and their interconnectivity in an increasingly global economy; the public mindset; and changing demographics.


With all of these constantly evolving and affecting Employers, it is more important than ever for Unions to adopt a partnership approach and work with both Employers and other Partners for mutual success. This, in itself, is a paradigm shift.


As we move forward and the public appetite for Unions as a whole changes, Unions will need to evolve and embrace a new approach – and that means that both the Organizational culture and mindset will need to change as well as those of the individual Members. Without this evolution, your Union is at risk of extinction.


The Labour Leadership Team will work with you to design a customized, industry-specific workshop that will help your Members to: 

  • Understand their personal responses to change;
  • Identify key factors that drive the three different types of change as well as potential reactions and their impact on themselves, their peers, their employers and other partners;
  • Develop a set of survival skills to enable them to work and lead others effectively in a climate of constant change;
  • Understand the characteristics of transition and develop strategies to help them and others move through each of the three phases of transition; and
  • Develop strategies to lead others through change processes and overcome resistance.  

Some of the Key Topics to be Covered Include:

  • Driving forces of change
  • Types of change
  • Responses to change
  • Resistance and overcoming it
  • Paradigms
  • Stages of Transition: A model for dealing with change
  • Helping others to embrace change

During this two-day training workshop, Members will learn key strategies that they will be able to apply to situations in both their personal and their professional lives. This highly participative, learner-centered courses will provide them with the tools and skills to effectively and productively lead Members and drive change simultaneously.


“You are a truly wonderful team leader with outstanding organizational skills, and someone who knows what people need within a team.  I guess that is why team building and leadership skills are your focus!”

- Cheryl-Ann Webster, Canadian Association of Professional Speakers

If you’d like to chat about how a Leaders of Change workshop could help to develop your Union’s Members, contact Janet – together you can craft a plan for action!


1-877-290-5003 (Toll Free in Canada)


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