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Leading Change

Leading change requires a few key ingredients in order for your undertaking to be successful: 

  • Vision;
  • A clear understanding of the future of your industry;
  • Passion;
  • Confidence; and
  • Commitment

Great leaders of change have a determination that never falters. They have a view of the future and never waiver from the long-term goal. These visionaries lead organizations to new levels of operational excellence, but their task is that much more difficult when they are the lone leader of change within their organization.

Our Labour Leadership Team works with those Leaders of Change to help them engage others within the Union and their partner Employers in order to form a larger team of Leaders of Change. Widespread participation is a key to success in any organization, and Unions are no different. In fact, the success of Member based organizations is even more dependent on the participation of its Members.


Through our Leaders of Change workshop as well as personal and team Coaching and Facilitation of meetings and special events, the Labour Leadership Team has designed and facilitated effective change management strategies with our Unionized clients.


Two of our favourite multi-year, change-focused initiatives include:

The Canadian Union of Skilled Workers

 Bell Canada and the Canadian Telephone Employees’ Association

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