Labour Leadership Team
The Change Agents of Choice for Progressive-Thinking Unions!

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Does  your Union need to reinvent itself so that your Members can successfully participate in the new knowlege-based, global economy?

Does your Union want to work more effectively with its Employers and other partners?

Does your Union want to harness the energy and expertise of its Members?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then Janet Stewart and the Labour Leadership Team can help you to achieve these goals!

The Labour Leadership Team specializes in working with forward-thinking, partner-minded Unions that recognize the value of working collaboratively with Employers for mutual success. It's time to let go of "old-school" thinking when Unions and Employers took an adversarial role with each other. The current and future economic playing field requires these two to partner and work together for mutual success.

We will work with your Members to build a customized Leadership Development Program that will help them to lead organizational change and forge a new and prosperous future for your Union and its Members, in partnership with your current and future Employers. We incorporate a combination of Coaching and Mentoring, Workshops, Facilitation, and other Resources to build a perfectly suited change management approach.  

We are the "Change Agents of Choice" for progressive-thinking Unions!
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