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Let's Talk Teambuilding!

Improve team and personal effectiveness!

Increase productivity!

Reduce operating costs!

Improve morale!


That’s what Janet is known for – that’s what she helps Unions and Employers do and now you can learn from over two decades of her teambuilding experiences – all while enjoying Janet’s book – LET’S TALK TEAMBUILDING…10 Strategies for Becoming a High Performance Team Member.


In her book, Janet draws on the experience of more than two decades of working with individuals to help them to overcome their own set of roadblocks to success.  You will find daily uses for the practical and insightful tips that she has assembled in this teambuilding book to address 10 of the challenges consistently identified by her course participants.


LET’S TALK TEAMBUILDING…10 Strategies for Becoming a High Performance Team Member, is more than 60 pocket-sized pages of tangible tips and concrete ideas that will contribute to both the personal growth and professional career success of your Union’s Members.  After reading this useful book your Members will be ready to lead themselves and others to new levels of effectiveness!


Your Union’s Members will improve their personal effectiveness in the following areas:

  •   Communication Skills
  •   Customer Service
  •   Facilitating Effective Team Meetings
  •   Giving and Receiving Feedback
  •   Influencing Others
  •   Innovative Workplaces
  •   Interview Skills
  •   Leadership
  •   Problem Solving
  •   Respect in the Workplace


Individual copies are just $17.95 (+TSH) and we offer bulk pricing for larger orders.


With this reader-friendly teambuilding resource book in hand, your Members will enhance their careers, their workplaces and your Union!                                                        

 "Let's Talk Teambuilding: 10 Strategies for Becoming a High Performance Team Member"  is small enough to take along in a purse and the advice in it is concise and very usable. The 200 copies that we ordered have been handed out in various college meetings this past month and I think that they are being read as we speak by the recipients. You impressed me with your practical advice and guidance and the lack of empty and embroidering discussion so often found in business books. I am not a big fan of case studies and they seem contrived, made up, generalized to a point where they are not really helpful in my context. I prefer to read about things that I can do and then apply the advice to a real life situation rather than reading a description of someone else having done it. “

- Maija Wiik, Vancouver Community College

If you’d like to order copies of Let’s Talk Team Building…10 Strategies for Becoming a High Performance Team Memberfor your Members, contact Janet.


1-877-290-5003 (Toll Free in Canada)

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