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Let’s Discuss…Your Union Making a Difference!

Two of the things that are at the top of my list of priorities are: (1) the environment and (2) helping others. There are lots of choices we can make every day to help make this world of ours a better place…and this year, I’ve decided to redirect my efforts to two initiatives:


Kiva - You might have heard of this organization. It provides micro-financing loans to entrepreneurs in under-developed societies. I’ve chosen to support two Kiva entrepreneurs by giving them “a hand up, rather than a hand-out”. When you support an entrepreneur, you support not only that person, but enable them to support their family and their community. Check out the Kiva site and consider becoming a Kiva supporter yourself!


Carbon Footprint - Recently my 10-year-old son and I did an interesting exercise…we stumbled across a web-site that allows you to calculate the carbon emissions you create through your lifestyle. In my case, I calculated the carbon-emissions that my business air travel creates as well as the other business functions that I engage in (printing books, etc) and purchased the planting of enough trees to off-set my emissions from the last calendar year. I encourage you to visit this site as well and use their Carbon Footprint Calculator to do the same!


I’d love to hear about what YOU are doing to make this world of ours a better place for everyone!

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