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Your Union and the next decade
Looking at trends to help find the right path

What does the next decade have in store for your Union?

Well it is impossible to know for sure, but there are clearly some societal trends that will shape everything that we do and that, as an effective Union you must consider when tasked with decision-making and strategic planning. Here are four to consider:


  1. Technology has already proven to be one of the biggest changes of the last decade and there is no slowing on the horizon. In fact, the capabilities that technology affords you to grow your Union exponentially every day are mind-boggling. In many cases, what is not possible today will be by next month! With computers, smart phones and the Internet having become integral business enablers around the world, coupled with the sheer number of people working on technological advances around the clock, your paradigms around what is possible needs to continually shift. The value of the “what if” question has never been greater! Are you asking it…often?
  1. Business models are another moving target as more and more small organizations are able to generate big results and carry them out through a virtual model. The Internet created the opportunity for a level playing field, and leaders with a combination of vision and risk-tolerance will be able to lead their Unions to new levels of Member engagement and satisfaction. Where do you stand on this continuum?
  1. Demographics in Canada and around the world will continue to influence the way we do business and the products and services that we provide. We are seeing a growing middle-class in many parts of the world and an aging population within Canada. You need to know the demographics that impact your Union and Employers, be it local, national or global. How are you integrating demographics into your activities?
  1. With a growing interest in sustainability and a continued focus on the environment, you will need to move your Union towards a “carbon-neutral” position. What are you doing now? Have you started? How have you integrated this into your 1, 3 and 5-year Strategic plans?
Effective Unions don’t wait for the change to sweep through their industry…they lead it!

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