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A union’s most valuable asset:

Its Members!

Too often I have watched Unions carefully recruit Representatives, in an effort to engage the very best, only to require them to work within a narrowly defined set of rules and boundaries.

Those same people could find new and interesting ways of approaching things, if they were given the freedom and support to do so.

Union Members bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. They offer knowledge of their current job functions, skills gleaned from previous jobs, as well as their educational and life experiences.

Where do I start?
How can I get Members involved?

Kick-start the process. Organize a brainstorming session. Invite a variety of Members who work in different areas and job functions. Have lots of flip chart paper and post-it notes available. Ask around the table for ideas about what needs to be improved, fixed or modified.

Then, sort the suggestions into categories: high/low payoff (is it something worth investing time, energy and resources into?); easy or hard (offer your best guess); and whether it’s in your Union’s control to change.

Next, select something that’s within your Union’s control, fairly easy to resolve and high payoff (worth it)... and get started!

Final Thought…
What are you doing in your Union to “push the envelope”?

Is it just certain people who are tasked with being innovative? Or is it considered to be an exciting benefit of every Member’s role?

What could you do to move your Union towards these innovative practices?

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