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Where is your Union going?

A few questions to help you out...


Take a few minutes to contemplate the questions that follow - and if you are really serious about this exercise, then it would be worth printing off the list and making notes beside each question. Identify where you are satisfied and where you want to create a plan for improvement. Remember - there are no right or wrong answers on this - give yourself the gift of time and grab a pencil…


  1. Do you have a clear definition of what “success” looks like to your Members and for your Union?
  1. Have you developed clear, specific, written goals for each aspect of your Union, including your Membership and Employers?
  1. Do you dedicate regular time each day (or at least each week) to Member-development activities that will advance either your Unit or Locals’ goals?
  1. Are you satisfied with your Union’s progress to date?
  1. How would you like your Union to be different at this point?
  1. Do you have a mentor or belong to a mastermind group?
  1. Are you setting your Union up for success and actively working towards it (whatever that looks like for your particular Union)?
  1. Do you make good use of your time in order to advance your Union?
  1. Are your Members passionate about the direction your Union is headed, are they on board?
  1. Are your Members highly committed to your Union’s success and do they act in ways that are consistent with that belief?
  1. Do you consider the long-term implications of the choices that your Union makes?
  1. Are you aware of your Union’s strengths?
  1. Are you aware of your Union’s weaknesses and do your Members regularly work to improve upon them?
  1. Does your Union have a mission statement; is it communicated well to your Members; and does your Membership strive to achieve it?
  1. Has your Union clearly identified its purpose in your industry and set out goals to be the best of the best?

Whether your leadership role charges you with the care and direction of your Union, your family, or both, great leaders take the time to be clear on their own direction before setting a course of direction for others!
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