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The Labour Leadership Team offers a number of one – and two-day workshops to help you to develop the leadership skills of the Members of your Union while driving change in your organization.

The following is a list of workshops we provide.  Keep in mind that these are only outlines – everything we do is fully customized for the target group and is a part of a larger learning strategy. 

YOUnion Leadership 

Everyone, regardless of his or her title or role in an organization, needs to develop his/her personal leadership skills… and everyone needs to be equipped with effective leadership skills so that he/she can Take the LEAD when it is appropriate to do so.

This one or two-day workshop will help Members assess and develop their leadership skills... Tell me more

Leader of Change

Today’s workplaces are subject to a wide variety and constantly expanding set of changes. With all of these changes impacting Employers and Employees, it is more important than ever for Unions to adopt a partnership approach and work with both Employers and other Partners for mutual success.

This two-day workshop helps Members to embrace change and develop strategies for driving change with your Union… Tell me more

Effective Meetings Made Easy

Meeting are a great opportunity to share ideas, concerns and challenges. Unfortunately, meetings are often seen as a “waste of time”.   By learning how to facilitate a meeting and to encourage conversations, your meetings will run smoothly.

This two-day workshop will help you learn how to plan and facilitate effective Membership meetings… Tell me more

Team Communications

Communication is often one of the greatest sources of dissatisfaction for members – and it can be a great source of conflict! How can a Union improve when its Members are communicating poorly or not at all?

This one day workshop focuses on improving the personal communication skills of MembersTell me more

Strategic Planning

The future is ever-evolving in front of our eyes so it is more important than ever to be watching the horizon, tracking the potential changes in your industry and adjusting your Union’s plan for success.

This two-day workshop (or should we really call it a “workingshop”) is both skill-building and outcome driven… Tell me more

"Janet, your enthusiasm and desire to create a positive and professional learning environment stands above all! After attending a number of your courses, you must be recognized for this outstanding attribute. In today's fast paced world, it is often tough to sit through a development workshop and leave all your worries and work at the door when you walk in. Within minutes of your course, you achieve this with your participants by gaining their total attention, therefore, clearing the mind for learning!"

-Barb Kettles, Regional Manager, Bell Canada

If you’d like to chat about how a workshop could help to develop your Union’s Members, contact Janet – together you can craft a plan for action!


Janet Stewart

1-877-290-5003 (Toll Free in Canada)

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